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Monroe Presbyterian Church is first and foremost a Holy Spirit-led church, and secondly, a lay led church that utilizes a dynamic team God has brought together consisting of our Leadership Team called Session and our Executive Director. The vision of Monroe Presbyterian Church is: Making God’s love known to all! We will live our vision out both inside the church and outside in the community through ministries that develop, implement and execute programs and opportunities that TEACH – Share the Gospel; REACH – Care for Others; and WORSHIP – Love God.  A fourth ministry team, ADMIN, provides the administrative and organizational function to support the business needs of the church.

Monroe Presbyterian Church is seeking a part-time Contemporary Preaching/Teaching Pastor who will be dynamic, spiritually mature, personable preacher of The Word, engaging the community to see God’s mission, faith and heart through Biblically based sermons and weekly Bible Studies offered to the congregation.  

This position will function as one part of a Teaching Team of two other Preaching/Teaching Pastors, each focusing on a distinct worship service and style. Worship planning meetings will include the Teaching Team and worship ministry leadership and occur regularly to ensure synergy and spiritual direction and growth of the congregation as a whole. All administrative, staff and day to day management functions of the church will be allocated to other staff positions. This is a position of 8-10 hours per week and is a great fit for bi-vocational pastors. If interested in applying for this position, please email your resume to



Job Title:                   Preacher/Teacher

Reports To:               Session/Executive Director

Employee’s Responsibilities:

  1. Preach biblically based weekly sermons/messages during the worship service in the
    reformed tradition.

  2. Lead informal weekly Bible study or Sermon Discussion in-person or online to foster
    spiritual growth.

  3. Provide weekly sermon title, themes and Scripture to Worship Director two to four weeks
    prior to service date.

  4. Work with music leader for special song requests.

  5. Collaborate with communications to develop concepts for graphics/visuals for sermon series.

  6. Greet/Interact with people before and/or after worship.

  7. Pray for the church.

  8. Encourage lifelong learning and spiritual growth through study of the Bible.

  9. Participate in monthly Sermon Visioning Team meeting consisting of Preacher/Teachers and worship team leadership to ensure spiritual teaching synergy to church as a whole

  10. Participate in regularly scheduled Church Leadership and Pastor Leadership meetings



Church’s Responsibilities:

  1. Pray for you and your family.

  2. Create and maintain a nurturing, healthy and God honoring environment for your ministry.

  3. Provide media support for your sermons as requested.

  4. Provide copier and office equipment to prepare for your weekly study as needed.

  5. Ensure and promote collaboration between Preachers/Teachers and Church Leadership




  1. Bachelor’s Degree (or corresponding degree) from an accredited college or university with degree/coursework in theology/religion.

  2. A saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and willingness to set the example in the regular practice of personal prayer and Bible study.

  3. Demonstrated Spiritual development of people.

  4. Leadership in corporate worship and administration of the sacraments.

  5. Living a life of Evangelism.

  6. Teaching the Word of God, Biblically and Reformed Theology.


Revised & Approved by Session 09/03/2020

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